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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 13, 2011 2:40am-4:00am PDT

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cain getting a lot of attention for the 999 tax code overhaul plan. last month's rising star, rick perry has dropped to third place. >> the star may have dimmed in the eyes of college students. during a visit to dartmouth, he said founding fathers never meant for america to be ruled from afar, british throne or washington so they fought the revolutionary war. perry put the revolution in the 16th century, 200 years before it actually happened. >> oh. >> it was a frat. i'm sure they didn't even notice. >> oh. now all the frat e-mails come to you this morning. >> i'm kidding. a joke. the middle of the night. >> maybe the governor is tired. lot of talking running for president. maybe, weary. all right. here's your thursday forecast, everybody. drenching rain along the eastern seaboard, new england down to the nation's capital in d.c. founded in the 16th century. showers from raleigh to miami.
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windy city, green bay, detroit. >> warm in the south. 80s from dallas to miami. 73 in new york. 67 in boston. fargo, indianapolis. albuquerque, 74. phoenix, 96. she is one of the symbols of our nation and most visited landmarks here in new york talking of course about statue of liberty. >> lady liberty. call this her little sister. an exact 9-foot replica unveiled yesterday just over six miles from the real thing. >> it cost the owner more than $1 million. he says it will be illuminated 24/7. and that little liberty offers everyone a chance to see the real statue's finest details. that's very nice. >> i like that. nice replica, monument to the real thing. >> vignette. have you been, yet, to see the real thing? >> i did it with my dad. the water taxi. played "new york, new york" with sinat sinatra. >> impressive. ellis island.
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>> i liked it. >> good thing. we'll be right back with more "world news now." ♪ she's a lady she's a lady ♪ talking about that little lady ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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call this toll-free number now. welcome back, everybody. now to a story that gives new meaning to a thief who preys on his victims. it is about a pastor who was busted for stealing. >> he was arrested near nashville accused of robbing the home of one of his parishioners. as wkrn's joseph pleasant shows us, yep, all this was caught on tape. >> reporter: it may look like ricky reed is stopping by to
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check on one of his church members in this tape from july. but police say his intentions are far more shocking and sinister. the member is at church and reed according to police, is trying to break into her home. police say the is not the first time. >> there were at least two other occasions she noticed some medications had gone missing from her home. and she were for painkillers. >> reporter: police say the woman noticed medication was missing at least twice before. she checked with family and friends who had access to her home but none of them was the culprit. so, she set up a camera. to her surprise the person trying to jimmy her door open is her pastor, ricky reid. supposed to be at church with her. >> it is very unfortunate, a pastor is someone members of the congregation go to for spiritual guidance, other things personal in their lives.
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>> reporter: reed is charged with aggravated burglary. they're confident reed has more victims in the community likely other members of the congregation. those people are reluctant to come forward. >> we're hoping there are other victims that we're not aware of that have nom come forward. we're hoping they will come forward at this time, notify us, and we can open investigations into their complaints, as well. >> reporter: reed has gotten a lawyer and is out on bond right now. at his church no doubt taking advice on the church sign for themselves. it says to keep your life in balance, lean on the lord. >> oh, boy. looks like he might not have a prayer in court, what do you think? >> no way. he had the word church, "world news now," we would never do anything quite like that. want to thank you so much for coming out this morning. have a good time. thank you, lord. got my laptop. whoo! thank you, lord. thank you. got to go now. bye-bye, sister tanya. >> where did it go?
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welcome back, everybody. we just love a royal wedding. >> at least i do. rob, not so much. >> when we heard the king of bhutan was getting hitched imagine our unbridled excitement. >> while they're not exactly william and kate, this is a big deal for the small himalayan country. abc's dan harris has more from bhutan. >> reporter: good morning from the roof of the world, the tiny himalayan nation of bhutan.
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where we have been witnessing a royal wedding today. this is a country sometimes referred as the last shangri-la, sometimes called the happiest place on earth. people are happy about the royal wedding. bhutan's answer to will and kate. the royal couple consists of the king who is the youngest king on the planet earth at age 31. and today, in one felt swoop, he took a commoner and turned her into a queen. a 21-year-old student. the daughter of an airline pilot. we'll show you right now, the key moment during the wedding ceremony. this is when the king crowned his new queen. you can see, he touches her face quite delicately, quite lovingly and then he smiles. that is about as much affection as you are going to see during this ceremony in the modest nation. there is no kissing, no ring in
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a ceremony like this. that its western stuff. nonetheless, an incredibly important day in the life of this nation. i have to say, as an abc news reporter, i have traveled all over the world but this is one of the most fascinating, truly exotic places i have ever been. until the 1960s no paved roads, no public schools, no currency even. they still have no traffic lights. they had one, they didn't like it, they got rid of it. a month ago they got their first escalator. spent time, watching people ride that for the first time, rather amusing. this is an important day in the life of this nation. many people say it its one of the most important days in their own personal lives. it's been a pleasure to cover. i'm dan harris, reporting from bhutan. >> the king has gotten around a bit. they say he is an oxford educated guy. wouldn't know about that. oxford educated guy. has a laid back attitude that makes him very popular. >> very cool. it was broadcast live to the country's 700,000 inhabitants. so, people hear dan harris say good for them personally. >> i want to hear how they met. she was a commoner.
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he was a king. that's the back story i want. rob doesn't care. >> more from abc coming up next. >> we'll be right back. >> more from abc coming up next. >> we'll be right back.
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"world news now" delivers your "morning papers." all right, everybody. now time for "morning papers." we're going to have some fun. >> we have some good stuff. >> we have some good stuff. start out with a blast from the past. back in 1969 when the apollo astronauts landed down and had to go through customs like everybody else when they were coming back from their stopover on the moon. what did they have to declare in kcustom customs? moon rocks, moon dust and other lunar samples. this is from a custom form filed in honolulu, 1969. which is the day the apollo 12 crew splashed down. signed by all three astronauts, neil armstrong, buzz aldrin. and michael collins.
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>> very cool. >> yeah. >> historical tidbits. >> there they are. counting the rocks. all right. >> this is my favorite story of the day. we have all heard the phrase "mind-blowing sex." we have all heard of that. in the september issue of "the journal of emergency medicine," transient global amnesia, when the sex is so good, it erases your memory. some of your newer memories, temporary condition, lasts for a few hours after this literally mind blowing sex. a real condition where such great relations can just -- >> i predict a bunch of people will go out, running out, i haven't had this yet. >> most people have probably not
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experienced it. had to go to the emergency room, she was diagnosed with having that disease. >> man people hatch had it they just don't remember. >> oh, well said, tanya. all righty. anything more you want to say. >> not going to say anything more. we covered this story in detroit before. the booty lounge, mobile, there it is. hanging out. >> outside tailgating parties. >> outside tailgating parties. it's a mobile strip club. >> customers had to pay $10 to get on board. it turns out that detroit police have impounded the party bus. say it was operating illegally as a strip club. the problem was it didn't pass inspection. it's not safe. >> something on the pole. what was unsafe? >> i don't know. not supposed to have that many people inside. >> really, interesting. >> maybe the booty lounge will work it out. and come back. no more. >> let's remember too. this is the big campaign by the first lady. the let's move campaign. they were trying to break the world record for jumping jacks. one of our assistant directors. her daughter took part in it. they did well. third grade class. cutie right there.
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this morning on "world news now" -- fatal rampage. it is called the worst mass killing ever in orange county, california. >> police say a gunman wearing body armor opened fire in a salon, killing at least eight people. now detectives want to know why it happened. it is thursday, october 13th. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero. witnesses say the gunman was wearing body armor. police quickly apprehended him. we're getting word that he was the ex-husband of one of the victims. details about the investigation are slowly being released. >> horrific story there. unbelievable. also, another big headline this morning. republican herman cain's surge in the polls, the presidential
3:01 am
candidate is getting a lot of attention for the 999 tax plan. we'll break down that plan for you this morning. >> "wall street journal" saying maybe it is not such a bad idea. >> that's a -- could be a fairly big endorsement for him. we'll see what it means. >> exactly. later this half hour, the blackberry blackout, disconnected devices and service hang-ups. how did the company operating the system get into this jam? big, big deal for a lot of people who rely on their blackberry every day. >> stressed out. e-mail messages were late. >> do you have it? >> i have the iphone, which i think is infinitely better than the blackberry. just saying. that's just me. >> i had the blackberry. i was asleep all day. >> may be nice to be unshackled to the devices for a day or two. >> something to that for sure. we begin with the murderous rampage at a hair salon in southern california. police say the bodies of the dead were scattered throughout the business. >> there are several reports the killing was a domestic dispute.
3:02 am
now it's become the worst mass murder in orange county history. abc's diana alvear has details from los angeles. good morning, diana. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. what happened in seal beach, california, never happens there. this is a close-knit, quiet community where everyone knows one another. and they say they're reeling from the tragedy. as police took the suspect into custody it was clear he was prepared for bloodshed. >> they had him by the shirt when they pulled his shirt up they realized he had on a bulletproof vest. they took the vest off. >> pulled out body armor, and magazines. >> reporter: a search of his truck yielded more weapons. just minutes earlier, police say he unleashed a hail of bullets inside salon meritage. >> we are unsure if he shot from the entrance, and people, as they were shot, ran seeking cover or seeking shelter. but we have -- we have
3:03 am
fatalities throughout the salon. >> reporter: the gunman killed eight people, critically wounded another. police say they have no motive for the massacre. but one woman told reporters she believes the shooter targeted one of the victims. >> in the past -- i knew there was a lot of strife between the two. i just -- you just never think it could happen like this. you know? years later. it's just -- unfathomable. >> reporter: unfathomable, especially for the quiet california community of seal beach. >> this could be one of our greatest tragedietragedies. >> reporter: local reports suggest the suspect and one of the victims may have been involved in a custody fight. >> police have roped off a house in nearby huntington beach and the house registered to scott decry, one of the hairdressers at the salon was actually his ex-wife. >> they have a child together.
3:04 am
7-year-old son. oh, actually 7-year-old son from a previous marriage. >> he has a current wife. they were not -- they lived together, as well. so very strange scenario about this. >> details coming out. >> more to come, i'm assuming. >> indeed. moving on to a chilling courtroom confession, umar farouk abdulmutallab stunned the court by suddenly pleading guilty. he read a statement yesterday admitting he tried to blow up a detroit-bound flight with a bomb hidden in his underwear. the 24-year-old nigerian insisted he was acting in retaliation for the killing of muslims around the world. he'll likely be sentenced to life in prison in january. cross-examination begins this morning in the conrad murray manslaughter trial after some more bombshell testimony from a prosecution witness. a cardiologist says michael jackson's life could have been saved if dr. murray didn't wait 20 minutes to call 911. a sleep expert criticized murray's actions as gross negligence.
3:05 am
the defense told the judge it is dropping the claim that jackson swallowed the lethal dose of propofol because a study shows drinking the drug actually is not fatal. a florida man accused of hacking into e-mail accounts of hollywood's biggest stars has been released on bond. if christopher cheney is convicted he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. abc's cecilia vega has the details. >> reporter: the case haunted hollywood for nearly a year, e-mail accounts of more than 50 victims hacked, including a-listers like mila kunis, scarlet johansson, and singer christina aguilera. private images, in some cases nude photos, made public. the fbi says they have arrested the man behind it, 35-year-old christopher cheney from florida.
3:06 am
>> cheney stole, private and personal photographs of the victims. he also took financial information, movie scripts and conversations victims believed to be private. >> reporter: this is how authorities described the scheme. cheney would break into a celebrity's e-mail account using public information about their lives to guess their passwords. >> the number one way people are hack sd that someone knows enough about their life that they're able to guess what their pa password is. >> reporter: according to an indictment, cheney rigged celebrity accounts so they would send almost instantaneously a copy of every e-mail received straight into his own account. using the information, he then hacked into the accounts of their celebrity friends. authorities say cheney sent nude pictures to celebrity web sites but they don't believe he profited. if convicted on all 26 counts, christopher cheney could spend the rest of his life in prison. security experts say there is a lesson in the case for all of us. don't use passwords that are easy for people to guess. don't use your mother's maiden name. don't use your pet's name. and don't use your birthday.
3:07 am
cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> great advice for everyone, celebrity or not. don't use something that is that obvious. >> yes, especially your pet's name. i like that. >> maiden name. anything like that. apparently, the agents working this case dubbed it, operation hackerazzi. for what the guy did. scary that he could get that kind of information posted online, enough to hack into an account. >> and that kind of hacking is on the rise for sure. >> scary. >> everyone can look out. this is a story that sadly is far too common. bravery in the face of cancer. this time it comes from right inside our family here at abc. we want you to meet linda hertato. a health reporter on our abc station in tampa. breast cancer runs in her family. over the years she had all the tests to detect cancer at the earliest possible sign. she got the news from her doctor and made an emotional on-air announcement. >> i have spent my whole adult life in fear of getting breast cancer. i watched the disease ravage my
3:08 am
beautiful mother. so when i was diagnosed with breast cancer about two weeks ago, it made me cry. and it literally brought me to my knees. >> hurtado will have a double mastectomy and hopes to be back to work in five weeks. because the this is breast cancer awareness month she is urging women to schedule a mammogram. >> we should say our station in tampa setting up a campaign to help women who can't afford to get a regular mammogram. >> double mastectomy the best way to go, afterwards, 90% are risk free. cancer free after the treatment. >> wishing her the best. speedy recovery. >> absolutely. a cargo plane could take off today on a dangerous rescue mission to the south pole. an american scientist who suffered what she believes is a stroke has been trying to get to a hospital for six weeks. the region's brutal weather has made air travel impossible. but a brief break is forecast today. if it fails to materialize, the
3:09 am
next opportunity won't come until next week. now to the race for the white house. where republican herman cain is now riding a popularity surge. a new poll puts him ahead of mitt romney, 27% to 23%. the former party darling, rick perry, has fallen behind even further. what exactly is herman cain's appeal? it could be his tax plan, actually. as jonathan karl reports. >> reporter: he's the man with a plan. >> 9% corporate flat tax. 9% income flat tax. 9% sales tax. >> reporter: his campaign is on fire, thanks in large part to his 999 economic plan. the rest of the candidates spent most of the time condemning it. >> when you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down, i think the devil is in the details. >> reporter: the first, and most appealing part of cain's plan, it completely scraps the current system. income tax, gone. social security taxes gone. estate, capital gains, gone. no more deductions. no more corporate loopholes.
3:10 am
the old system replaced by the 9s. a 9% income tax for everyone. no more, no less. 9% tax on corporations. 9% national sales tax. a little known accountant from cleveland named rich lowery helped cain develop the plan there are others who like it. >> relative to the current system it is a big improvement. 999 is scrapping the tax code and starting over. and there is very good reasons to do that. >> reporter: a long list of economists say cain's plan would hit the lower middle-class hard. a family of four with an income of $50,000 could end up paying much more under cain's plan. currently they pay $4,000 in income taxes. under cain's plan, 9% tax, no deductions, they would pay $4,500. $650 more. they would save almost $4,000 in social security taxes. but those savings disappear because they would have to give up the current child tax credit worth the same amount. further, they would have to pay the 9% national sales tax on everything new that they buy.
3:11 am
approximately $2,000 more in new sales taxes. that means under the cain plan this family could end up paying $2,725 more. >> it's going to raise the price of just about everything by about 9%. >> reporter: jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> lots of number crunching. interesting idea. >> it is an interesting idea. people want to know more. here is a look now at your thursday forecast. a soaker in the east coast. rain from new england to d.c. showers from the carolinas to florida. thunderstorms around green bay, chicago, detroit, and indianapolis. even stretching into louisville and nashville. >> 67, boston. 73 in new york. 88 in miami. dallas, 82. kansas city, 72. minneapolis, 63. 96 in phoenix. 82 in sacramento. near 70, salt like city. if you think about it, you can do a lot of stuff underwater. swim with the sharks or get married or even both. at the same time. >> why not? here it is, mid october, and with autumn in the air, what is
3:12 am
better than a little bit of pumpkin carving underwater? >> all right. must have had the same thought down there in tennessee. because that is precisely what they have been getting up to the aquarium in chattanooga. before long, i'll bet maybe santa claus will be in that tank as well. >> trim your christmas tree underwater as well, right? >> we have said many times before, everyone needs a hobby, right? >> we make no judgments on this show. whatever floats your boat. >> few judgments. just a few. more "world news now" coming up after this. ♪ what more are you looking for under the sea under the sea ♪ ♪ darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me ♪ o d imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your
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well, if you are one of the millions around the world who owns a blackberry, then you know there was a major outage. for some, a huge pain. >> for others, they were freed from the electronic shackles. what was behind this huge
3:17 am
disruption? here's the bbc's rory cellan-jones. >> reporter: blackberry users feel they need to be in touch at all times. and two days without being connected is far too long. the company behind the phone blamed its problems on the failure of a core switch, a computer and backup system. at uk headquarters, the company finally spoke. >> rest assured this is our number one priority. fundamentally from blackberry the service we provide is crucial to our customers. enables our customers to connect with their friends, family, work colleagues. it's our number one priority to get that network back to the level we expect. >> reporter: the blackberry has been hugely successful over the years with 70 million users worldwide. the number one phone with uk teenagers. but in recent months it has been overtaken by google's android and the iphone from apple. strangely, comedy writers anticipated this situation some months ago. >> i'm very disappointed.
3:18 am
oh, yeah. >> what's your problem? >> my blackberry is not working. [ applause ] >> what's the matter? you've run out of juice? >> no, no, it's completely frozen. >> it's completely frozen. >> there was a, problem with european infrastructure. which happened to lead to all of this. so there's a massive backlog of e-mails, messages. you may get flooded. when your thing gets back to normal. >> one of our colleagues here said at 4:30 he got a flood of thousands of e-mails. i didn't have a problem with mine. >> the crack there on the screen. >> except for the crack. >> the crack. can research do anything about that? >> the iphone comes out, newest version out friday. just saying. >> just saying. >> better phone, just saying. all right. coming up, setting the record straight about vitamins. >> we'll look for answers after
3:19 am
researchers raise questions about the popular supplements. we'll be right back. questions about the popular supplements. we's be right back.nenenenenenee
3:20 am
welcome back, everybody the now to the disturbing study we told you about earlier this week about vitamins. welcome back, everybody. now to the disturbing study we told you about earlier this week about vitamins. a study shows they do more harm than good. >> and with so many questions about which vitamins may be risky, david muir went looking for answers. >> reporter: so many of you wrote in and skyped in, frustrated after years of taking multivitamins. you heard the report this week that new research reporting that for older women, some multivitamins could be harmful. women that took a daily multivitamin were at slight increased risk of death. >> what exactly is going on?
3:21 am
>> reporter: and lauren holmes of georgia, wondering without the multivitamin, am i getting enough from food? >> i never heard that taking a vitamin could do more harm than good. >> reporter: for years we heard the opposite from a long line of doctors. dr. oz and his co-author, dr. michael roizen, on our broadcast, and on "oprah," echoing -- >> all the vitamins are found in foods. to be sure, take the multivitamin. >> reporter: "world news" reached out and dr. roizen, dr. oz's coauthor responded, my overall impression, this study changes nothing. i am taking a multivitamin without iron. so man others telling us the opposite now. i stopped recommending multivitamins to my patients. this from chairman of cardiology at the cleveland clinic, multivitamins never made any sense. >> mixed opinions. this handful says a, this handful says b. you got enough from the food we take in. that we'll be okay, most americans. >> best way is from your food. not everyone has time to eat a
3:22 am
balanced diet. >> such an obese nation, are we really getting the vitamins we need? i don't know. you decide. opinions. these things. this handful says a, this handful says b. you got enough from the food we take in. >> best way is from your food. not everyone has time to eat a balanced diet. >> such an obese nation, are we really getting the vitamins we need. i don't know. you decide. but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insuranc. plus you'll get this free guide to understanding medicare. the prices are competitive. i can keep my own doctor.
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♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river >> ♪ come on baby cry all right, sorry. >> missed your calling, did you, rob? >> yes, i did. finally from us, actor kelsey grammer and ex-wife camille have been going through an ugly divorce for some time. it's about to get worse. >> kelsey is seeking a gag order. at the center of all this battle? their two kids. here is abc's andrea canning. >> reporter: one of hollywood's nastiest divorces. >> somebody is in the apartment, as mrs. grammer. it's just not me. >> reporter: camille grammer continues to spill the secrets
3:26 am
of her split with kelsey grammer to millions on "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> it is true. i was married to that. >> reporter: while kelsey can't tell his ex to stop sharing. camille's rep, howard bragman, believes that kelsey is going to ask a family judge to very much a gag order, keeping her from exposing their kids, whom the couple have split custody of, to the paparazzi. it is all over this video that surfaced on tmz. >> play. >> is kelsey going to show up today? >> i don't know. >> reporter: last saturday he was captured by tmz with them in l.a. known for heavy paparazzi presence. >> a night out with the family? >> reporter: kelsey's people confirm he will be going to court. but would not comment further. >> the picture camille paints about their divorce is not a pretty one. >> reporter: in an interview with "tv guide," camille launched a new attack on her ex-husband.
3:27 am
saying -- i said, what about our kids? and he said, they'll get over it. he was very cruel. he even said, i feel no remorse. >> of course, the show, season two, all of a sudden, camille and kelsey's kids are no longer part of it. camille told me kelsey will no longer grant them permission to be filmed. >> reporter: as for this latest "war of the roses" moment, camille's rep added, we will deal with this in court, not in the media. >> have to feel sorry for the kids. >> she is dealing with it in the media by putting them on her show. met on a blind date in 1996. married in 1997. >> a year later. that's actually a warning against getting married too quick. >> what i was saying. divorce was finalized in february. messy. hate to see that. >> bringing that one out again. i don't like this one. >> look at you, linsey, stephanie. >> we're going to put that to rest. >> more coming up after the break. >> follow us on facebook.
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now" -- the strategy shift in the conrad murray manslaughter trial. his defense attorneys must take their case in a new direction. >> how bombshell testimony on dr. murray's conduct and the drug he gave to michael jackson led to a legal game change. it's thursday, october 13th. good morning, everyone. i'm tanya rivero. >> and i'm rob nelson. cross-examination begins today in the conrad murray trial. his attorneys speculated that michael jackson actually swallowed propofol, now studies show it would not have killed the king of pop. i mean, the mountains of evidence keep piling up on the doctor. now big game change, one of their main points of defense is now kind of shattered. >> absolutely. my gosh. our other big headline.
3:31 am
the shooting rampage in orange county, california. the worst mass killing there ever. we are getting more details about the suspect. witnesses say he wore body armor. quiet seal beach, known for being a large retirement community, in no way used to seeing this kind of violence. >> a horrible domestic dispute. after all that, life affirming news. we'll lighten the mood a little later in this half hour. a good piece, understanding autism, how computer programmers are now devoting their time and expertise to developing an app to help autistic people. >> it's a great story. >> yeah. we begin with dramatic developments in the michael jackson case. an expert witness says michael jackson did not have to die. >> two weeks into the trial the defense is changing legal strategies in all of this. abc's diana alvear has the latest from los angeles. hi, diana. >> reporter: rob and tanya, good morning. what a riveting day in court. the main witness ripped apart murray's defense on the same day his team changed their story.
3:32 am
for weeks, attorneys for dr. conrad murray have claimed michael jackson gave himself the fatal dose of propofol. on wednesday, they told the judge they no longer believe he swallowed it. defense attorney j. michael flanigan said a study showed swallowing propofol would not be enough to kill a person. while jurors did not hear the development, they did hear an expert witness condemn murray's behavior. >> when you monitor a patient you never leave their side. >> reporter: cardiologist alon steinberg said conrad murray's actions directly contributed to jackson's death. >> without personnel, without appropriate monitoring, without appropriate equipment, not calling 911 in a timely fashion. if these deviations would not have happened, mr. jackson would have been alive. >> reporter: things got more heated during cross-examination. >> dr. murray had just spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep. now you're telling me he should
3:33 am
awaken him? >> absolutely. you give propofol, afterwards they're still sleeping something is wrong. you need to rouse the patient and you need to figure out what level of sedation is, because something could be going wrong. >> reporter: later a pulmonary and sleep expert testified he did not use propofol on patients with blood pressure problems. and did not use it at all to treat insomnia. >> it is really inconceivable to use this drug for that purpose. >> reporter: he told the court, even if michael jackson had given himself the fatal dose of propofol, murray's actions would still have contributed to his death. prosecutors seem to be winding down their case only expected to call a few more witnesses. rob? tanya? >> legal analysts say the fact the defense is abandoning their central theory that michael jackson created his own death, shows that they're having trouble. >> it is. they're not abandoning the theory he still could have given himself the fatal dose. they're saying he didn't swallow it. does not say he could not have injected it. or gotten it in some other way. the doctor said it all on the stand, not calling 911, not
3:34 am
monitoring, having propofol at home. to me, laid it out, all the claims that, people would think made the doctor reckless in his care. >> leaving him on his own. the doctor said he would never leave a patient unattended under propofol. >> can't imagine the doctor not facing some time as this thing winds down. we'll see what the jury does. surprised by juries this year. that's for sure. we turn now to sobering news from out west. the shooting rampage investigation in orange county, california. police say the gunman walked into a busy beauty salon yesterday afternoon in seal beach and then opened fire. eight people are now dead. one remains in critical condition. and family members of the victims are in shock. there are reports now that a custody dispute involving the gunman and one of his victims is what led to the rampage. >> witnesses say the gunman got into his truck and calmly drove away from the salon. he was captured half a mile away and surrendered without incident. kabc's alex michaelson describes the scene. >> reporter: this is our first
3:35 am
look at the suspect. witnesses watched as police opened up his button down shirt as they took him into custody. >> they had him by the shirt. when they pulled his shirt up, then they realized he had on a bulletproof vest. and they took the vest off. and by that time, they already had him handcuffed and were heading back to the car. >> reporter: police placed the body armor on this vehicle along with what appears to be the suspect's shoes. at the time of the arrest, witnesses say the suspect was driving a white, four-door toyota tundra truck. >> told him to get on the ground. they took him, put him up against the car. and -- pulled out body armor, and magazines. he had cargo pants on. they took out like magazines out, out of his -- his pants. >> reporter: police say the suspect has been cooperative so far in their investigation. alex michaelson, for abc news. >> apparently there is a house that has been roped off in huntington beach.
3:36 am
police say belongs to scott dekraai? is that the name? >> we're trying to figure out the name. his ex-wife was at the salon. lived there with his current wife and 7-year-old child from a previous marriage. all this unraveling over the next few hours. >> details coming out. shifting gears now. the underwear bomber now facing life in prison after surprising the court with a guilty plea. umar farouk abdulmutallab said his attempt to bring down a detroit-bound jet on christmas day 2009 was an act of jihad.
3:37 am
and he called the bomb a blessed weapon. the nigerian citizen said he is guilty under u.s. law but not under the koran. he will be sentenced in january. to a critical story from kansas where a city faces criticism for a budget-cutting measure. >> unbelievable story here and put decision makers in topeka firmly in the spotlight. abc's t.j. winick is following the controversy. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. is the behavior for which there is no excuse, domestic violence now accused in topeka, kansas? after all, the city ordnance was repealed tuesday night. it all started with a budget showdown between topeka and shawnee county. >> i am disappointed. i think it is a very sad day for topeka. and a sad day for victims. it sends i think a very bad message. >> reporter: the city blames the district attorney for handing off all misdemeanor domestic abuse cases to city. the d.a. says he can't prosecute domestic misdemeanors because the county cut his budget. the county accused the d.a. of using abused women for negotiating more money for his office. >> they wanted to remove the ambiguity of who, who is really responsible here.
3:38 am
if you have it well then, then, we can dump it on you. simply remove that. >> reporter: domestic violence advocates are afraid the council's vote sets a dangerous precedent. >> the lives of the most vulnerable -- mostly women and children -- are at stake. and this response by the city is deadly, and dangerous, and unconscionable. >> reporter: the district attorney, chad taylor, will prosecute the cases for now because they remain a crime under state law. rob and tanya? >> i know times are tight. you think there have to be other things cut other than not sending domestic violence suspects. >> something tells me this isn't going to stand for long. >> and it's getting so dire out there, some other areas, they have stopped running the traffic lights because they don't want to pay the electricity bills. so we're seeing drastic steps across the country. >> dangerous signs of the times for sure. in other news this morning, chrysler is following in the footsteps of ford and gm,
3:39 am
reaching a milestone deal with the united autoworkers. if the contract is ratified -- $3,500 signing bonuses but no raises. create 2,100 jobs. chrysler promises to invest $4.5 billion in auto plants. the union leader calls it the latest step in a remarkable turnaround for chrysler. towns along mexico's pacific coast are under water this morning after getting slammed by hurricane jova. the category 2 storm killed at least five people as it blew ashore. it knocked down power lines and triggered severe flooding before dissipating. conditions were so bad a red cross office had to be evacuated. >> the storm was a lot weaker than originally predicted when it made landfall. it was predicted to be a cat 4. it was barely a cat 1 when it hit. as bad as it looks, could have been a lot worse. here is a look at your thursday weather. wet day along the east coast drenching rain. boston, new york, d.c., cooler with thunderstorms from green bay to detroit and nashville. hot and windy in southern cali. >> 57 in seattle. 69 in boise. 76 in colorado springs. a rainy 63 in fargo. 70 in omaha.
3:40 am
68 in chicago. 70s from new york to atlanta. 85 in new orleans. 82 in dallas. well, we call this "world news now" for a number of reasons. and here is one of them. >> yes, where else do they tell you that today is royal wedding day in the himalayan kingdom nation of bhutan. >> sure we, the bhutan is lovely this time of year. been there many times. >> yes. >> the 31-year-old king, with his slicked back hair and gold sash, is now marrying his lovely bride who is ten years younger. you wouldn't know it, but they have rock star status in their homeland. >> with their marriage questions have started when their first born will be arriving. mom and dad want to know when the grandchildren are coming. doesn't matter if you are royalty in bhutan. or live down the street. >> we should have filed that story in the where is it -- who cares file. there it is. >> ouch. >> more on "world news now" after the break. ♪ ask you to be my true
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and now it comes in pantene's new bottle. made from up to 59% plant-based material. ♪ healthier hair... healthier planet. one small step at a time. [ female announcer ] nature fusion from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. all right, rob, you ready? >> ready for our -- "favorite story of the day." that was good. the term hacker is often synonymous with cyberthief. but not all computer programmers are out to steal a naked picture of a hollywood star. >> thank goodness for that. take a group of hackers from silicone valley using their talents to build an app for those with autism. kgo's david louie reports. >> reporter: these are just some of the 40 developers volunteering for a special mission. they have broken up into eight teams each working on an application that will help young people with autism. hp came up with the idea
3:45 am
enlisting input from experts from the autism community. >> what we are seeing is real passion partnering with specialists so on each team there's people from autism from the science side of autism. there's families impacted by autism. >> we could estimate the size color. >> reporter: this team is working on an app to help people with autism express their feelings. another will create an app that addresses bullying. yet another will deal with the anxiety of going to a doctor's office. skylar is helping, too. as a person with autism, this 11-year-old is serving as an adviser on the project. >> i would like to see an app that helps teach social skills and writing because that's my issues. and also i would like to see things that help other, low functioning autistic people, as well. >> reporter: parents also see great potential for what the teams are doing. hand-held, touch-controlled devices are changing their
3:46 am
children's lives. >> my son is verbally challenged. when they pull up an app on the ipad and that app allows their friend to community -- communicate with them for the first time, it gives them typical friends. and that keeps them from being isolated. >> reporter: volunteers are donating services that would cost upwards of $100,000 and their work is only starting. it will take three to four months before the apps are ready. when they are they will be distributed for free. they'll operate on smart phones, tablets and computers of all stripes. david louie, abc news. >> it's a great story. a lot of experts say the touch screen technology can help kids with autism. >> wonderful to see that. such great news. 1% of children in the u.s. are affected by autism. so there's a lot -- >> huge problem. >> big number out there. good for them. coming up next -- chynna phillips' critical remarks about "dancing with the stars." >> shocking, some shocking things. who is telling all about ashton kutcher? get the scuttlebutt in "the skinny." >> scuttlebutt, indeed. mm-hmm.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny
3:49 am
all right, welcome back, everybody. promised you some scuttlebutt in "the skinny" today. we have some, too. the whole ashton/demi thing. whether they're going to stay together, what's going on? rumors of infidelity running rampant for several weeks about this 22-year-old girl in san diego he allegedly messed around with. now she is sharing her side of the story. going into a little bit of detail about what she did in the budoir with a.k. >> kissing and telling. that is for sure. >> doing a lot of things and telling. apparently, it all started at the hard rock suite. partying in the wee hours of the morning. he just came up and kissed me. then, ashton, this girl and another young lady end up in the hot tub. there you go. then -- >> without clothes, i might add. >> of course. in the hot tub, you know what i'm saying? so any ways they end up doing that. 6:00 a.m. things got more serious between the girl and ashton. just those two -- they were in the bedroom. she says, he lost his towel. i took my robe off. we had sex. she said, quote, he was good. wasn't weird or perverted.
3:50 am
she added it was actually unprotected sex. >> bombshell! ding, ding, ding, ding. >> then she said they engaged in pillow talk -- astrology, other things. and had sex for the second time. radaronline is reporting, ashton is going around telling his friends and acquaintances he expects demi to file for divorce soon. >> you think? really? after all that? >> after all that. this marriage, clearly, this girl, kind of tacky she is going out there running her mouth. if it is true that marriage ain't going to last too much longer. >> oh, boy. that is some scuttlebutt. we promised you scuttlebutt. we delivered. all right. a shocking claim made by chynna phillips, she says, get ready for this. "dancing with the stars" is actually a popularity contest, not a dancing contest. i mean -- >> stunned. what? >> is that not something you yourself have said before? >> many times on this show. there you go. >> you know to be fair she got 21 points out of maximum 30 monday night. she did have a shaky performance. she forgot some of her routine.
3:51 am
but, point well taken that people vote for who they like, not necessarily who dances the best. >> life is just a bigger larger version of high school cafeteria. you know, folks all it really is end of the day. people in the office loved this video this morning. apparently two little girls, 8-year-old sophia, 5-year-old cousin, rosie. so they went on -- made a little video on youtube, doing a nicki minag song called "super bad." and ellen loved it, brought her on her show, and then she surprised them when nicki minaj came out. people are loving this. with these girls. they were apparently adorable. >> look at the firecracker. ♪ boom ♪ boom-boom-boom super bad ♪ boom boom boom, baby ♪ you got that super bass >> mwah! >> very cool. cute little girls there. good to see nicki with her top on. >> oh, so talented.
3:52 am
nicki said, music is good, but stay in school, she told the little girl. for sure. >> be all you can be. little girl. good for ellen. good for the girls. very good. >> we'll see more of her. that's for sure. >> and nicki. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep.
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we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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here are some stories to watch today on abc news -- presidential candidate michele bachmann meets again today with donald trump. it will be their third meeting since bachmann's gop campaign began. kansas city police looking for new clues in their search for 10-month-old lisa irwin. detectives looked in a wooded area yesterday, but found no signs of the missing baby. blackberry users hoping for an end to their frustrations today, after a worldwide service outage. the company that operates the blackberry system has apologized.
3:56 am
when it comes to the life of a beaver, the animal, it is pretty basic. chew on some wood, make a dam, and chew on some more wood. >> beavers outside of pittsburgh are barking up the wrong trees in a park and now the beavers they have got to go. have got to go. here's wtae's marcie cipriani. >> reporter: this is a beaver in chartier's park in action. captured on a police dashboard camera on sunday. this beaver is at work gnawing on trees and leaving this behind. >> as you can see, they make a wedge, amazing they don't get their noses caught when they drop these big trees. drop the's yeatrees. >> reporter: seven trees have come down in just the past few we these beav unusual areas. hitting trees in the mid the park away frhe c roofing tar paper to save them and prot pa >> it is dangerous with people
3:57 am
down here we don't want trees falling on them. >> reporter: weak ones ended up here in a pile and every day there ire. >> you can so he this one right here. they jump around. there is not much you can do, keep pushing them. push them to the next township. that's what happens. >> reporter: scare them into someone else's -- >> scare them into heidelberg or crafton. >> reporter: very nice. >> it's a shame because they're engineers. if we could train them to take down trees that have to come down, it would save us some work. >> reporter: park employees tell me they expect the beavers to take from the trees here along the creekline because they loyell ekline because they >> that is a surprising story. beavers love wood. p>>e thl >> we hear you have been moonlighting and checkingt
3:58 am
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